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Kate’s background is in Motivational Teaching, Well Being and Journalism. She is passionate about alleviating symptoms of distress and anxiety. Working holistically, from a trauma focussed perspective – Kate’s broad experiences and positive outlook help navigate you towards well being and balance.

With her approachability, contagious positivity and empathic confrontation; plus 30 years of professional experience – Kate has been inspiring and nurturing individuals’ personal growth and well being since the 80’s; when she trained as a Coach & Personal Fitness Instructor in London. Whether working for government organizations facilitating motivational training programs to groups of adults; coaching in health clubs and with individuals overseas; (Italy, Cyprus, Middle East) Kate’s philosophy has always been; that we ALL have the ability to heal and discover our full potential – whatever our experience.

More widely known in the 90’s for her Investigative Journalism for Granada TV Documentary series ‘Disguises’ – where Kate joined Adam Holloway MP to expose criminal’s exploitation of vulnerable people, Kate went on to continue to report on matters close to her heart in both Lebanon and Cyprus. Her expose of children’s physical and emotional abuse made front page news for the Cyprus Mail (2009) Following her own profound personal healing experience in October 2009, where she cycled around the Middle East with 250 women from 27 different countries, highlighting Human Rights for Women and Children, Kate returned to London – committed to deepening her own therapeutic practice; so that she could focus her energies on guiding others to interact more healthily with their emotions.

For the last 8 years since 2009, Kate immersed herself in expanding her therapeutic knowledge and formal qualifications. In 2014 she gained a Batchelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Reflective Therapeutic Practice and a Counseling Diploma from the Metanoia Institute in West London. In 2016 she then joined the Master of Science (MSc) Program in Humanistic Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute, whilst coaching and counselling both children and adults for charities in the UK (Women’s Trust & Place2Be) for the NHS, and within her own very busy private practice.

Kates’ motivation remains the same; to support individuals through a process of discovering their own innate abilities to heal, inspiring them to thrive through adversity, while alleviating symptoms of distress..

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“…Since graduating, Kate has started a very successful private practice, operating both from a home office and from an office in Harley Street. As a one time private practitioner myself, I know how challenging this can be and the ease with which Kate has built and retained her client base confirms to me that she is an excellent therapist.”

Dr Susan Lacovou

Chartered Counselling Psychologist,


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Kate now sees a broad range of International clients from varied social backgrounds in her thriving private practice. She works from two london locations….See Below

Her client’s include men, women and children; professionals, celebrities, senior statesmen, refugees, victims of trauma, abuse, domestic violence and those with financial, career and relationship challenges.

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