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Kate invites you to engage in a process of emotionally supportive self-discovery. She endeavours to integrate psycho-education, with relational and developmental perspectives; in-order to attune to the uniqueness of her client’s way of being. Offering compassion with empathic confrontation, Kate’s clinical approach is an integration and profound reflection of her life’s learning.

Discover Kate's unique approach

Kate will gently and expertly guide you on an exploration of self-awareness. She will teach you how to use you own body as a resource in releasing anxiety, negative emotions and experiences which prevent you from reaching your full potential. You will be inspired to cultivate a deeper understanding of your self in order to live more authentically.

All latest research in Neuroscience emphasises the importance of the relationship between the therapist and the client. Kate is a Relational Integrative Therapist. She strives to create a space where the relational aspect of her work is at the forefront of your session.

Kate is of course influenced by the humanistic training she has undertaken, which includes the work of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, Fritz Perl’s Gestalt Therapy and Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Counselling. Intrigued by how your past experiences can affect you in the present – Kate integrates elements of attachment theory into her practice too. She also incorporates psychodynamic principles into her integrative model.

Kate is aware that some people may not wish to revisit and rehash their past trauma. Fortunately, we now know through research in Neuroscience that it is not always necessary to revisit your trauma for true healing to take place. However, sometimes it is beneficial that we bring into our awareness, how past painful experiences can still be affecting us in the present – in order to create change. This requires a new understanding of what may be happening at an unconscious level, and an integration of your narrative at a visceral level.

Kate’s Unique Approach

Kate works creatively with both Adults and Children, individually and in small groups. She tailors her sessions to your requirements; attuning to your specific needs. There are also limited places available for small group sessions and residential retreats, commencing April/May 2018.


Reflection, as a part of processing your experience, can be understood as a key feature of change. Reflecting on your story in a non-judgemental space can be incredibly freeing. Not only does it broaden your narrative and awareness around your issues – it also propels you to perceive things differently, from a new more comfortable perspective.


To fill completely, to stock abundantly’ I like to think of this process as replacing your depleted provisions of hope, trust, endurance and positivity with a profound expansion of new energy; full of empathy, resilience, optimism, grace and gratitude for life.


With replenished fuel of new insight and Qi (energy) or Life Force, you are now able to reclaim your personal power, your true ‘self’. You. In all your authenticity. In all your expanded energy. Building resilience through adversity. By integrating the Body, Mind and Soul you will RECLAIM your life’s potential.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques are also drawn upon in Kate’s approach, where she advocates that just 15 minutes of mindfulness practice a day has the propensity to unblock the barriers from really connecting on a meaningful level.

The use and focus of the breath as a way of rooting oneself out of ‘survival mode’ (fight, flight or freeze) – is an integral part of Kate’s work. She will gently guide you through short exercises and meditations which beautifully integrate with the therapeutic process of psychotherapy. Mindfulness and meditation can help you to overcome feelings of unworthiness enabling you to grow more open to love, trust and compassion. As your patterns of reactivity, judgment, and defensiveness begin to dissipate, you will start to experience a new richness of depth in your relationships that you’ve never felt before.

Scientific research has shown that mindfulness can literally change the structure of the brain, (Neuroplasticity) and enable us to build healthy, supportive relationships......

Creating Change...

During varied Continued Professional Development along the way, Kate has also attended training under Dr Joe Dispenza and thoroughly endorses his biology of Self-Belief. Dispenza has greatly impacted her clinical approach; by expanding the integration of meditation practice and in the sense that Kate agrees that we can all become our own placebo. Kate is aware that everything starts in the mind, and in the 21st Century the stresses are 24/7 365. Stress is the biggest cause of Dis-Ease. But we now know that Belief shifts Biology – creating the power of Infinite Possibility. As Dr Dispenza posits:

“when you blend neuroscience with quantum physics and the concepts of neuroplasticity and neuroendocrinology with a little understanding of psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, you get possibility.”


Sounds complex, but in fact it is simple. Where you put your attention – Energy goes. To create change – we need to open our focus.

Are you looking to free yourself from your past? If the answer is yes, then you need to recondition your body to a new mind. When you have a direct experience with a greater potential – it enables you to embrace that new potential in your everyday life. By shifting your awareness away from the limitations of your predictable material existence, you can enter the quantum field of infinite possibilities. This requires a consistent commitment to Meditation, which Kate will happily explore with you.

Latest neuroscience and evidence-based research suggests that it is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client, which leads to positive outcome in therapy.

Within the nurturing co-created relationship in the consulting room attuned to your needs, Kate works collaboratively at your pace, to reach your therapeutic objectives. When you believe in and commit to the process, you WILL be able to produce positive change in your life.

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