Counselling sessions for couples tend to be experienced as more structured than Individual sessions.This is mainly due to the pressure of the time constraints, that can arise when ensuring that two people, often in conflict, are adequately heard and for new ideas to emerge and be explored – all within a therapeutic hour (50 mins). For this reason, Kate advocates initial 1.5 hour sessions alongside Individual sessions (50mins) for both clients – at a ratio of 1 individual session to 4 couples sessions.

Neutrality is the primary ethical consideration that the couples counsellor must adhere to. Kate aims to maintain a ‘dual-viewpoint’ stance at all times; continuously managing to communicate this – in both couples and individual sessions with both parties. Elements of narrative therapy are integrated into Kate’s approach with couples, which embodies the principle of neutrality as being the core skill required for family therapy.

Kate offers confidential 1.5 hour Initial Consultations for Couples at both Harley Street and Imperial Wharf Offices. Please call Kate on 07725 109961 or fill in the request form online. We look forward to connecting with you within 48 hours.

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