As a profound reflection of Kate’s life journey and experience, she has developed three Adult Workshops for individuals and corporations. These have been designed to encapsulate the very essence of her journey.

Dates for these workshops will be available in Autumn January 2020. Places are limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

The following One Day Well – Being Workshops in London will shortly take place:

‘Thriving after Cancer Trauma’
An Optimistic Holistic Approach to surviving and thriving your cancer story.

‘Rooted ! Shifting out of Survival Mode’
A Neurobiological exploration of the adverse effects of living with long-term stress and how to restore Inner Balance.

Kate also provides CPD Trainings for trainee and qualified counsellors and therapists. Look out for our London Training:

‘Shame on You!’
Understanding the complexities of living and working with chronic shame. We will take a look at a Relational Approach of Bringing Shame out of the Dark.

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Let's Connect